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Raw SuperShow (December 5) – Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya

8 Dec

This week on Raw we saw another Diva’s tag-match between Kelly Kelly, Eve and The Divas Of Doom, check it out below:

If you had asked me a week ago who the number one contender is for the Diva’s Championship I would have confidently said Alicia Fox for sure, but after this match I’m left a little confused. Alicia wasn’t even in the match and Kelly Kelly picked up the win, so my thoughts are perhaps the WWE isn’t going to go with Alicia after all and is opting to give Kelly Kelly another push instead.

Personally I would like Alicia to get a title shot at TLC against Beth, but who knows what will happen these days, maybe this tag match was just random, I guess next week we will get an answer. I absolutely love the team of Kelly, Eve and Alicia, they light up the screen everytime they appear but this week my attention is on Smackdown as I hear Beth and Natalya are now part of a trio themselves and have taken another Diva under their wing… It’s Cry Time!






Survivor Series 2011 – Eve Torres Vs Beth Phoenix

21 Nov

Last night at Madison Square Garden Eve challenged Beth for the Divas Championship in a Lumberjill Match, find out what happened below?

Was it a short match for a PPV event?.. Yes!, Was it as technically sound as Beth and Eve’s last bout?..No! But did it provide excitement and that all important MSG moment that will be remembered forever?..HELL YEAH! Once again my love for Eve grows and I hope she continues to shine in the spotlight, she has well and truly proved all of her critics wrong who said that she was just another “Diva Search Girl.”

Now for the Champion herself, I never find myself rooting for Beth as a heel like I do for some of the other mean girls (e.g Rosa Mendes, The Bella Twins) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy what she does in the ring, I have huge respect for what she has done in her career and I really get the sense that she is a mother figure to all of the Divas. As I’ve already said this wasn’t the most technical match but Beth and Eve continue to have amazing chemistry and throughout I couldn’t predict who was going to win, the Lumberjill stipulation was a bit pointless because they didn’t do much but it was nice to see them all get some TV time together.

I think part of the point of this match was to solidify Beth as Champion because thus far they haven’t done a lot with her reign and the back and forth between the two certainly built Eve up to be an even strong competitor, gaining her even more fans in the process I’m sure (her cheers are starting to grow each time her music hits.) But I think the main purpose of this match was to provide us with an MSG moment that will go down in history, I am of course talking about the über Glam Slam off the second turnbuckle, it was a big moment for the Diva’s Division and proved that it’s not all heels and hair pulling, these girls can throw down just as much as the men. So well done to both Divas for putting on an amazing show and extra congratulations to Beth for once again retaining the Divas Championship fair and square!


Raw SuperShow (November 14th) – Kelly Kelly vs Natalya

15 Nov

This week on Raw we saw Kelly Kelly return to action in a singles match against Natalya, find out what happened below:

Unfortunately there isn’t much I can say about this match, it was an awful build up to the Divas Championship match at Survivor Series this Sunday and added absolutely nothing to the storyline (is anyone else wondering where psycho Kelly Kelly went, a few weeks ago she was on fire, ready to pummel the DOD but now nothing, what a waste!). Yes I know we are used to the Divas having short matches but this one in particular did nothing for me, I like to look for the positives in the WWE but it’s matches like this that make my job very difficult. I need to point out here that I do not blame the girls, they are all extremely talented and do the best with what they are given, but the WWE needs to wake up and realise that the fans want 10 minute Raw/Smackdown matches and 20 minute PPV matches (much like TNA).

This has been my first negative rant about the treatment of the Divas in quite some time so I might let them off just this once and despite this sorry excuse for a Divas segment I am still looking forward to take 2 of Eve vs Beth on Sunday, personally I’d love Eve to win it but my money’s on Beth keeping the title….for now.






Raw SuperShow (October 31st) – 11 Diva Halloween Costume Battle Royal

1 Nov

This week on Raw we saw a 11 Diva Battle Royal to determine the new number one contender for the WWE Divas Championship, the Divas taking part were, A.J, Aksana, Alicia Fox, The Bella Twins, Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, Kelly Kelly, Natalya, Rosa Mendes and Tamina, with the Divas Champion herself on commentary. Check out what happened below:

Everyone will have seen this match coming a mile off because Halloween always means that the Divas will be in some kind of costume contest, this year the award for best costume has to go to A.J who dressed up as Kitana from Mortal Kombat, it was definitely the most original choice, Kaitlyn’s Dog The Bounty Hunter costume and The Bellas as Mario and Luigi certainly deserve a mention. Now to the action, the Divas were eliminated in a fairly predictable order (quelle surprise! Rosa Mendes was out first, that girl must be doing something wrong backstage), the final 2 Divas standing were Eve and Natalya, with Eve coming out on top after eliminating Nattie while her back was turned. So this means that Eve will once again challenge Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship, it is unclear whether this match will take place on Raw or if it will wait until Survivor Series on November 20th.

Some may have been disappointed with Eve getting another title shot, but after the impressive show she put on at Vengeance last month it is no surprise that the WWE has decided to continue Eve and Beth’s feud, I can’t wait to see another match between these two, hopefully it will take place at Survivor Series because I’d like to see a storyline develop to give the match some hype this time. The superhero/villain stand-off after the Battle Royal between Eve, Kelly, Alicia and The Divas Of Doom could certainly set us up for a decent 6 Diva tag match next week, fingers crossed anyway.

Vengeance 2011 (October 23rd) – Beth Phoenix vs Eve Torres

24 Oct

Last night at Vengeance Beth Phoenix defended her Divas Championship against Eve Torres, check out what happened below:

Going into this match I wasn’t expecting much, it had very little build up so I assumed that it was just going to be a stepping stone into the next chapter of the Divas Of Doom storyline. This could not have been farther from the truth, Beth’s performance was incredible as usual and the absence of Natalya at ringside made Beth look like a much stronger champion but for me the Diva of the night was Eve. Eve came out to the ring sporting new pink ring attire and a new entrance theme to match, we got to see a much more feistier side to her and my personal highlight had to be the flying reverse triangle submission hold (it was nice to see a nod to Eve’s Jiu-Jitsu training). For a moment I honestly thought Eve was going to walk away with the championship, but despite her valiant efforts Beth dodged the Moonsault and put her away with the Glam Slam. Regardless no-one can deny that Eve put up a hell of a fight and has improved dramatically, this was without a doubt the best match of her career so far.

I can’t predict whether they are going to continue with the Kelly/Beth feud or if Eve is going to be Beth’s new opponent, either way the WWE has put the Divas division in a very strong position as either storyline will please the fans no doubt. Perhaps we will see a new Diva being added to the mix instead, I guess we’ll get our answer tonight on Raw, bring it on!

Raw SuperShow (October 17th) – Eve Torres vs Natalya

18 Oct

This week on Raw we saw Eve Torres take on Natalya in a singles match, check out what happened below:

First out to the ring is Eve accompanied by Kelly Kelly, as they make their way to the ring Michael Cole announces that Eve will challenge Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship this Sunday at Vengeance.


Next out are the Divas Of Doom still proudly in possession of the Divas Championship following Kelly and Beth’s Divas Championship match last week on Smackdown. I didn’t realise it was a Divas title match at all, because it wasn’t announced as one and there was no clear indication of it being one, but WWE.com did write it up as Kelly’s rematch.

The belly rings and both Divas lock arms, Nattie forces Eve’s back into the corner, she strikes Eve with a hard punch and begins some trash talk. Eve pushes her away and lands a few punches of her own, she lands a hard kick to Natalya then springs off the ropes but Nattie counters with a clothesline, she goes for a cover but only gets 2. She then brings Eve to her feet and locks in a submission whilst continuing the trash talk. Eve escapes the hold and lands a few strikes but it’s not long before Natalya slams her back down.

Taking a page out of Kelly’s book, Natalya decides it’s time to humiliate Eve by repeatedly spanking her butt, Kelly looks on in disgust (even though she has been spanking her opponents for years… hypocrite much). Natalya gets right in Eve’s face now and continues to mock her, Nattie then grabs Eve by the hair and slams her face into the mat, Beth looks on clearly pleased with the punishment Natalya is dishing out.

Natalya continues the assault by kicking Eve in the ribs, Eve crawls over to the corner to try and get back to her feet. Natalya makes her way over to her but Eve hits her with a hard forearm, Eve goes for a kick but Nattie dodges it then slams Eve’s head into the top turnbuckle. Natalya then lifts Eve up onto her shoulder but Eve manages to counter and takes Natalya down with an impressive move. Natalya is out for the count, Eve drags her into position then climbs up onto the top turnbuckle for the MOONSAULT! and 1,2,3 it’s all over.

Eve makes a quick exit from the ring as Beth launches herself at her, ready to attack. Beth and Natalya lick their wounds inside the ring as Eve and Kelly make their way up the ramp celebrating another victory over the Divas Of Doom.

This was a pretty standard match, Natalya gave plenty of attitude and Eve continues to impress me, her moonsault is getting better and better. A lot of people may be wondering why Kelly isn’t getting another shot at the title this Sunday, but she has already had her chance last week on Smackdown. I think the WWE also want to avoid a 4th Kelly vs Beth PPV match and Eve being the number one contender makes complete sense, she has picked up a lot of wins recently. So at Vengeance will Eve be able to capture the butterfly belt for the third time? or will Beth continue to dominate the Divas division? Whatever the outcome I’d love to see a twist in the storyline, will Eve or Kelly Kelly go over to the dark side and turn on each other? or could we see the long-awaited return of Maryse or Layla?

Raw SuperShow (October 3rd) – Kelly Kelly and Eve vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya

4 Oct

This week on Raw Kelly Kelly and Eve faced off against Natalya and the newly crowned Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, however the match didn’t quite go according to plan, Check out what happened below:

First out to the ring is Eve and Kelly Kelly, looking positive but quietly disgruntled after last night.

Next out are the Divas Of Doom, who make sure that Kelly Kelly gets a good look at the butterfly belt with it’s new owner.

The bell rings with Kelly Kelly and Beth kicking things off, Beth kicks Kelly in the gut then tosses her out of the ring, landing hard on the floor at ringside. Beth exits the ring to continue the assault on the outside, at which point Kelly grabs Beth and slams her head first onto the announce table, Kelly completely flips out as she continues to take out her frustrations on the new Divas Champion.

Natalya tries to pull Kelly Kelly away from Beth, Eve then gets in on the action and attacks Natalya.

Kelly continues to punish The Glamazon, meanwhile Eve gets her revenge after last night by throwing Natalya into the security wall.

Things get so out of hand the ref is forced to ring the bell and end the match, shortly after an aggressive Kelly slams the back of Beth’s head into the side of the announce table. Kelly continues to pummel Beth,  Has losing the Divas Champion brought out the dark side of Kelly Kelly? The ref tries desperately to break things up, sensing things have gone too far Eve tries to calm Kelly down.

Eve succeeds and drags Kelly away, the former Divas Champion continues to scream and it takes the strength of Eve and the ref to hold her back.

Kelly’s music hits as Beth lays beaten and bruised on the floor where Kelly left her. She’s not so much of a weak little Barbie doll now is she Beth!?

It was a bit disappointing that we didn’t get to see a proper Divas match following the events at Hell In A Cell, but I do think Kelly’s outburst here has set up the next chapter in this storyline, Kelly Kelly isn’t going to be so sweet and gracious anymore, she has clearly snapped after losing the title. All I hope for is that next week we will see something other than Kelly and Eve vs Beth and Natalya, let’s get some of the other Divas involved.

Hell In A Cell 2011 (October 2nd) – Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly

3 Oct

Last night at Hell In A Cell we saw The Glamazon Beth Phoenix face off against Kelly Kelly in a Divas Championship Match, After 2 failed attempts can Beth finally capture the butterfly belt? Check out the match below:

First out to the ring is the challenger Beth Phoenix accompanied by fellow Diva Of Doom Natalya, both in pink and black colour coordinated outfits.

Next out is the current Divas Champion Kelly Kelly with BFF Eve Torres.

The bell rings but Beth clearly isn’t in any hurry as she decides to have a little chat with Natalya first, the Divas Champion approaches Beth and tugs on her arm signalling that she came here to fight, a stare down commences.

Kelly makes the first move, she strikes Beth with a few hard punches then springs off the ropes and takes The Glamazon down with a thesz press, both Divas make it to their feet, Kelly is full of fire and knocks Beth down with another thesz press.

Beth recovers and forces Kelly into the corner, as she chargers forward Kelly lifts her legs and kicks Beth in the face, with Beth stunned Kelly climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a diving clothesline, she goes for a cover but barely gets a 2 count. Kelly dodges a clothesline then catches Beth with a swinging headscissor.

Beth counters the headscissor and grounds Kelly with a backbreaker followed by 2 heavy elbow drops, Beth goes for a cover but only gets 2.

Beth begins to show early signs of frustration, she lifts Kelly up onto her shoulder then charges forward, forcing Kelly’s back into the turnbuckle.

With Kelly tied up in the corner, Beth lands a few hard kicks to her stomach followed by a running dropkick, once Kelly is back to her feet, Beth takes her down with a snapmare then applies a submission hold.

Kelly fights the urge to submit, eventually she manages to power out and hits Beth with a few punches to the gut, Beth responds by slamming Kelly back down to the mat, she then begins to viciously grind her elbow into Kelly’s back. Beth continues to disrespect Kelly by repeatedly spanking her butt. She picks Kelly back up but the Divas Champion still has some fight left, she catches Beth with a few punches to the jaw, she attempts an irish whip but The Glamazon holds her ground and slams Kelly down with another backbreaker/submission hold.

Kelly still refuses to give up, as Eve and the crowd show their support. She battles back, hitting Beth in the face with her knee, forcing her to break the hold. As Beth attempts to pick Kelly up, Kelly catches her with a roll-up pin, but the Glamazon escapes at 2. Beth is not a happy bunny, she suplexes Kelly and uses the ropes for extra force, Beth hooks the leg but Kelly kicks out at 2, the Divas Of Doom can’t believe it’s not enough to put Kelly Kelly away.

Beth then attempts a powerbomb but Kelly gets the best of her and rolls her up into another pinning predicament, the very same pin that has cost Beth the match before, but this time she manages to escape. Beth brings the fight back to Kelly and lands her with a heavy clothesline followed by some angry punches, she goes for a cover but Kelly kicks out. Beth is furious, she comes at Kelly again with a hard kick to the ribs, she picks Kelly up by the hair and begins to choke her on the middle rope.

Beth then takes a run up and leaps at Kelly, but Kelly moves out of the way and catches Beth with a neckbreaker, both divas struggle to make it to their feet. Kelly climbs onto Beth’s shoulders and attempts another pin, but this time Beth is ready for it, Beth sits down on Kelly’s chest and goes for a pin of her own, Kelly escapes by rolling Beth into another pinning position, she nearly gets the win but Beth rolls out at 2. Kelly kicks Beth in the stomach and attempts a bulldog, Beth counters and locks Kelly’s arms behind her ready for a Glam Slam, Kelly escapes by using her legs to run up the turnbuckle and flips over Beth’s head. Both Divas locks arms, Beth’s power is too much for Kelly as she is forced into the corner, Beth launches herself at Kelly but eats turnbuckle instead. Kelly shows her mean streak by slamming Beth’s face repeatedly into the top turnbuckle,  Kelly is finally back in the match as she executes the Kelly Killer followed by an impressive once-handed bulldog off the top rope. Is The Glamazon done for? Kelly goes for the cover, 1,2 but Beth kicks out before the 3.

Natalya climbs up onto the ring apron in protest, but Eve isn’t having any of it, she runs over to Natalya and pulls her down, Natalya retaliates by throwing Eve into the security wall.

Meanwhile in the ring Beth and Kelly have made it back to their feet, Kelly goes for the K2, Beth counters lifting Kelly up and dropping her down onto the ropes, she then lifts Kelly’s legs and kicks her in the stomach. With Kelly down Beth locks in Natalya’s new sharpshooter/surfboard submission manoeuvre.

Kelly begins to scream in agony, at which point Natalya picks up a mic so the entire arena can hear Kelly’s pain, she continues to mock Kelly.

Kelly manages to wriggle out and makes it to the bottom rope, but Beth doesn’t let go. The ref begins to count, forcing Beth to break the hold.

Beth refuses to let Kelly up, the ref has his back turned as he tries to push Beth away, at which point Natalya takes advantage and strikes Kelly with the microphone. Kelly is out for the count, Beth picks up a dazed Kelly and executes the mighty Glam Slam, 1,2,3 it’s all over and we have a new Divas Champion.

Following the match Natalya slides into the ring and hugs an emotional Beth Phoenix, the ref hands over the belt and Beth is overwhelmed by what has just happened.

Beth’s hand is raised in victory and the very emotional Divas Of Doom continue to celebrate inside the ring.

As I said before I couldn’t predict who was going to win this one, it was a real back and forth match with both Divas giving it their all, however I was disappointed that Beth won because of Natalya’s dirty tactics. Kelly took a serious beating but she also nearly put The Glamazon away after that top-rope bulldog, so if it wasn’t for the microphone would Beth still have won? I was sad to see Kelly lose, she has had an amazing title reign, one of the best in a very long time, but on the other hand I am really happy for Beth, I’m excited to see what’s in store for the Divas Division as a new era begins.

Raw SuperShow (September 26th) – Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya

27 Sep

This week on Raw we saw the Divas Champion Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres team up against the Divas Of Doom in a rematch from last week. Can Kelly Kelly and Eve outsmart Beth and Natalya for the 2nd week in a row? check out the match below (skip to 1.20):

First out to the ring is the Divas Champion and Eve Torres, looking gorgeous with her new fringe. Shortly followed by the fearsome Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

The bell rings with Eve and Beth kicking things off, they lock up, Beth soon overpowers Eve and begins to inflict damage on her arm. Eve escapes from an arm bar with a forward walkover and gives Beth a taste of her own medicine, Beth pushes Eve back onto the ropes and elbows her in the face. Beth whips Eve into the ropes, she manages to stop herself by keeping hold of the ropes, Beth charges at Eve but she counters, by lifting herself up onto the ropes and hitting The Glamazon with a dropkick.

Natalya distracts Eve with some trash talk, with her back turned Beth grabs Eve by the hair and slams her down onto the mat. Beth picks Eve up and makes the tag with Natalya, with both Divas Of Doom now in the ring they combine their strength by raising Eve above their heads, after a moment’s pause they drop Eve and she come crashing down.

Beth leaves the ring and now it’s Natalya turn to bring the pain, with Eve still grounded Natalya locks in a unique submission manoeuvre. Eve screams out in pain as Natalya continues to apply pressure, Eve’s shoulders drop to the mat forcing her into a pinning predicament, the ref starts to count but she to kick out at 2, Natalya  breaks the hold.

Natalya kicks Eve while she’s down, she forces her to her feet and continues to disrespect her with a slap to the face, she then drags Eve to the corner and tags in Beth. Natalya holds Eve in place allowing Beth to land an aggressive kick, Beth then drags Eve over to the ropes to choke her. The ref forces her to stop but things are not looking good for Eve as she struggles to find her feet, Beth takes a run up but Eve finds the energy to move out of the way, with Beth temporarily stunned Eve takes the opportunity to tag in Kelly Kelly for the first time in the match. The Divas Champion is fired up she launches herself off the top rope and takes The Glamazon down with a Thesz Press, as both divas make it to their feet Kelly spanks Beth..uh oh! she shouldn’t have done that. An angered Beth lunges at Kelly with a clothesline, Kelly ducks out of the way and springs off the ropes then catches Beth with her signature tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown, Beth falls hard into the corner allowing Kelly to inflict some more damage with the Kelly Killer followed by a one-handed bulldog.

Kelly goes for a cover but Natalya breaks it up at 2, Eve comes to the rescue launching herself at Natalya with a cross body. Nattie ducks out of the way causing Eve to land hard on the floor at ringside. The Divas Of Doom whip Kelly into the ropes and wait in the middle of the ring ready to flip her over, Kelly is one step ahead and kicks Beth in the face, she then dodges a clothesline from Natalya and tosses her out of the ring. Watch out Kelly! as she turns around Beth knocks her down to the mat, she picks Kelly up, locking her arms behind her, Beth executes the mighty Glam Slam and 1,2,3 it’s all over!

The ref raises Beth and Natalya’s arms in victory as they continue their winning streak after beating AJ and Kaitlyn on Smackdown, they leave the ring and continue to celebrate as they make their way up the ramp, mocking Kelly and Eve as they go.

I enjoyed this bout and for a non pay-per-view it was a pretty long match, which is a nice surprise! I was a little bit disappointed to see the same match as last week (just with a different outcome) but it can’t be denied that these 4 divas have developed amazing chemistry in the ring and have given us our first legit Divas storyline in what feels like years. It has been announced that Beth will receive her third shot at Kelly’s Divas Championship this Sunday at Hell In A Cell. I honestly thought Natalya would get a chance this time just to mix things up a bit, but obviously not, I can’t figure out where they are going with this storyline. Will Beth finally capture the Divas Championship? or Will Kelly Kelly come out on top for the third time? Perhaps the much rumoured heel turn of Eve Torres will become a reality, Has she become tired of Kelly Kelly always hogging the spotlight? Maybe Natalya will step out on her own, Has she had enough of Beth being portrayed as the leader of the DOD? I can’t wait to find out!

Raw SuperShow (September 19th) – Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya

20 Sep

Last night on Raw the Divas Champion Kelly Kelly teamed up with Eve Torres to take on the Divas Of Doom in a tag-team match. Check it out below:

First out to the ring was Eve Torres and a confident looking Kelly Kelly, fresh off her victory at Night Of Champions.


Next out were Beth and Natalya looking none too pleased, both wearing some new matching shoulder pads. The bell rings with the Glamazon and Kelly Kelly kicking things off, Beth lunges at Kelly with a knee thrust, Kelly drops to the mat and Beth repeatedly kicks her. She picks the Divas Champion up by the hair and whips her into the corner, she launches herself at Kelly and is met with a kick to the chest. Kelly dodges a clothesline and executes a spinning hurricanrana forcing the Glamazon into the corner, at which Kelly tags in her partner Eve. Eve kicks Beth in the gut a few times, the Glamazon pushes Eve away and attempts a clothesline, Eve counters with a series of kicks.

Eve springs off the ropes but the Glamazon catches her out with a big boot, she drags Eve over to the corner and tags in Natalya. Both Divas whip Eve into the ropes and knock her down with a double clothesline, Natalya goes for a cover but only gets a 2 count.

Natalya begins some trash talk, she forces Eve to her feet and violently barges her into the corner, the ref forces Natalya away. With the refs back turned Beth grabs Eve by the hair but Eve strikes her with a back hand, Natalya launches herself at Eve, Eve counters with a kick to the face. She then turns to Beth and knocks her off the ring apron with a punch, Natalya goes to tackle Eve, she misses and lands hard into the turnbuckle, Eve catches Natalya off guard, rolling her up into a sneaky pin for the 1,2,3!


Following the match Eve scrambles out of the ring as the Divas of Doom launch themselves at her, ready to attack. Kelly Kelly retrieves her belt and joins Eve to celebrate their victory, once again Beth and Natalya are left inside the ring, shock on their faces as they wallow in defeat.


I did enjoy this match but I will admit that I’d like to see Eve and Kelly Kelly win a match by actually executing a finishing move instead of a simple roll-up pin. A win like that would give them a lot more credibility, as a sneaky pin tends to make a wrestler look weak. I seriously thought the Divas of Doom would walk away with the win here, but they have been repeatedly outsmarted by the very Divas they have spent so much time trash talking. Eve and Kelly Kelly have once again proved their critics wrong and as of right now they are the most dominant Divas in the WWE.

(In other news, I was very pleased to see NXT Season 3 runner-up Naomi sitting in the background during a backstage segment at the end of Raw, this isn’t the first time she has been on the road with the WWE, but this is the first time she has been on-screen, could this mean a call up to the main roster is imminent for her…? I really hope so! Naomi has been on fire in FCW, she would add some much-needed flavour and athleticism into the Diva’s division.)